Advantages of electronic remote measurement with the HMT-System

Reduction of personnel costs

Onboard supervision is not required since the dredging operation is monitored from the office. Especially for projects with a large number of dredges, a substantial labour cost reduction is achieved.

Optimal data reliability through continuous redundant measurements

Continuous measurement of all relevant parameters in short intervals (2 to 10 sec) for the entire duration of the project provides a sound description of all dredging procedures. The simultaneous recording of a large number of parameters makes the physics of the entire dredging process transparent, Errors due to subjective assessments are precluded since calculation of results is program controlled and based on measured data.

Improvement of planning reliability and project control

Through the extensive and expeditiously obtained description of the dredging process based on the continuous measurements, the current progress of the dredging operation may be accurately ascertained at any point in time. Measurement results are immediately available after completion of a dredging procedure, and are rapidly dispatched to all project participants. With the HMT-System, it is possible to follow schedules exactly.

Optimization of cost control and accounting

The recorded data provide the basis for the documentation of the dredging operation. Using the database, the project manager is able to quickly determine the exact costs of the dredging operation. Accounting documents may be prepared automatically with purpose developed HMT Software.

Optimal transparency of the dredging process

The simultaneous recording of process (production) and survey data allows an accurate allocation of the dredged material at the dredging site. The interdependence of masses and volumes as well as course and dredging depth may be displayed graphically.

Extending the HMT-System

The HMT-System is easily extendable. For example, the System can handle mechanical aspects such as calculating the fuel consumption or accounting for environmental parameters such as the salinity.

Objective and neutral documentation of the dredging operation

In case of differences of opinion between the client and the contractor, the HMT- Databank for dredging operations provides an objective basis for the clarification of the respective situation.