HMT - NetBox

HMT NetBox, General specification

The HMT NetBox is designed to receive process data from a dredgers measurement system and provides these data for data transfer and further processing. The data are received from an interface, stored locally and are than available for any further use. The Net Box is purpose designed for areas with weak or changing net coverage. The stored data are the basis for all monitoring, analyzing and documentation purposes. Besides the existing configuration, HMT develops solutions for the client's special demand. As an example survey and process data may directly be displayed via Internet.

Important features of the HMT NetBox

As storage of data is achieved with a data card (16 GByte) the HMT NetBox can withstand rough operational conditions which frequently occur on dredgers. Further particulars are:

  • Setting up and maintaining Internet connections

  • Modern VPN technology enables fully transparent communication

  • Com port Data Interface

  • Logging- and Transfer Unit ( Dual SIM - UMTS/EDGE/GPRS )

  • Multi-User Event Manager ( sms and e-mail )

  • Webserver to check Interface

  • NetBox Watch Dog and Extended temperature range ( -40°C to +80°C )

  • Status Information (LED)

  • Integrated GPS Receiver