MoNa - System for dredge monitoring and control


German Federal Waterways Administration WSV


All German Waterways and Shipping Organisations


The HMT-MoNa System is designed to monitor and control the maintenance dredging work on the German federal waterways,carried out by trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD).The number of dredgers is not limited.

The main features are:

  • Fully web-based system

  • Access via internet by authorized clients

  • Online mode for quick overview of actual operation of all dredgers involved

  • Analyses mode for various evaluations such as

  • Volumes and masses

  • Transport distances

  • All operational periods e.g. Sailing, dredging, discharging

  • Position and depth of all dredging elements

  • Discharge method and location

Optional features:

  • Measurement of overflow masses for environmental monitoring

  • Measurement of desalination process for environmental protection


The HMT-MoNa interface has become the German Standard for TSHD